Ok Tedi Fly River Development Foundation welcomes the highly respected and recognised international human rights organisation, Due Process International, raising awareness of the situation in PNG. 

In their media release today, they state, “Due Process International is bringing the world’s attention to recent extrajudicial arrests and charges of Directors, lawyers and supporters of the Ok Tedi Fly River Development Foundation in the Western Province (Papua New Guinea). At Due Process International, we are deeply concerned about due process and human rights. We note the developments in Papua New Guinea in relation to litigation around the Ok Tedi mine and associated compensation funds.”

OTFRDF is proud of the work that has been done to ensure the compensation funds from the Ok Tedi mine disaster are used correctly for the pollution-affected people of the Fly River region. But obviously much more needs to be done. Unfortunately the violation of human rights leading to the arrest of OTFRDF’s directors and lawyer has been a major set back for PNG’s human rights record. 

As International Human Rights expert and DPI Founder Radha Stirling states, “Now village elders, their supporters and lawyers who have been fighting for proper governance and use of compensation funds are being subjected to an extraordinary campaign of extrajudicial arrests.  From today, Due Process International will start alerting the world to this shameful campaign.”

DPI has also produced a video to raise awareness. 

OTFRDF will continue to work to ensure the lawful and equitable distribution of the compensation funds for the pollution-affected people of the Fly River region.